Tuesday, 4 March 2014

DLP: week nine-collage somehting you´ve recylced.

Well, I´ve recycled lot of stuff, as I always do because for me art doesn´t exist without recycling. I LOVE doing that! When you work without ready-to-use material, your imagination starts to search for the ideas, you begin to try to use this and that and finally the result is always unique and very exciting!
So, what are the things that I´ve recycled?! for the week nine challenge of the Documented Life Project.
1) grey craft-paper that comes with IKEA furniture separating pieces from scratching- I was using it to "clear" my stencils after gelli-plate printing, that´s actually one of my favorites things- to use this kind of stuff in you art!
2) IKEA catalogue- I´ve cut out an image with an owl carpet, a sofa and a piece of some kids´stuff,
3) a newspaper which I was using to clear my stencils as well,
4) a chocolate box- I used it to draw the circles on it and then cut them out.

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