Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kraft Craft stART: fruits of my work=)

Ok, the project Kraft Craft stART has finished.
Thank you, Masha, it was lots of fun!
Let´s have a quick look at the fruit of my work=)

During all the project we had to fulfill two constant requierments:
- use ONLY kraft-paper
-use ONLY black&white photos/images
Every stage has its own conditions as well.

a bit of blue, a bit of read, a bit of white and a little thread...
only stamps
nothing but stencils...
use just ONE shape and something sparkling
I chose circles...
here we had to use random numbers and letters

Kraft Craft stART: numbers & letters

Life doesn´t have to be perfect to be wonderful!
Happy Saturday to everyone!

Yesterday I finally found time to dedicate to my creative process. And i did LOTS of things!!!
In this post I´ll show you my art-journal page made within the project of Masha mellpellmell Kraft Craft stART, this time we had to use numbers and letters... this is what came out:
Thanx for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stripes make it more vivid or please meet my joyful notebooks=)

Hi! Today starts off a new chellenge at ScrapCraft, this time dedicated to the notebooks. Paper Notebooks. Here I have to confess: I don´t like notebooks. Personally I use moleskine for all the notes that I have to do, and I can´t imagine how on earth people can put down the receipts in a paper notebook which doesn´t have rings and thus doesn´t let you change or add pages. Really. In the century of new tecnologies and lack of time, who will do THAT? I think that the only really good use to such notebooks is as a diary, because it is beautiful, meticulously made with lots of love and adornments. I had to contribute something, I decided to make some clean notebooks without any specific embellishments for a further use as an album, art-journal or as a notebook, but gifted to someone=). I decided to use a cardstock from the food boxes as a base, and take advantage of some gift wrapping paper scrap that I had and try how papers printed with geli-plate look.
 This one is the simplest but I don´t know why it still looks sooo cute to me!!!
Just put a title and it will come to life!
Recently I was organizing my stuff at the studio and came across lots of silicone stamps which have lost all the adhesive and there is no way to stamp with them cause they´re always falling down the acrylic block. So this is what I did: cut wooden blocks for each of them and glued them on with a super strong glue. And then I just stamped on the paper the image of each and glued it on. LOVE it!
I don´t think that I´m a fan of Osho, but some points that he covers in his studies seem very true to me. Last week I read his book "Bringing up children": about a right way to help a child grow without interfering in his natural potentiality, and it really provided me with lots of fruit for my mind. I highly recommend this books to all the parents, it helps to look inside of yourself and maybe make you see the things you´re doing wrong.... .
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See ya!