Sunday 30 January 2011

Набор в ДК "Творим вместе" или моя Мини-Маусная открытка путешественника)))

Как хочется, ой, КАК хочется попасть в ДК Творим Вместе!!! Если это произойдет, и выберут меня, я буду супер мега happy, а если нет, то я все равно буду happy, просто потому что  я всегда happy! :-))
Особенно сейчас, когда у меня появится намного больше свободного времени для творчества, участие в ДК было бы как раз кстати!

What do I have my feet for,.? If I have got wings to fly...!

Like a bear in winter, I guess I've overslept a bit, but not because I was REALLY sleeping, but for I was working my ass of as a bee (hehe, looks like today is a zoon phrases day)))) and the time has run out and I can't participate in Sasya's card's sketch contest, what the hell!!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed working with this card. Have been moved my Frida Kahlo's pharse, decided to modify it a bit to a more positive and optimistic one, and that's what I've got. 
Inside is a small pirat's-like paper for a message!

Thanks for visiting!


Всем привет!

Открыточка не совсем в моем стиле, конечно, но для разнообразия тоже можно:-)

Участвую с ней в задании по скетчу №14 от Творим Вместе.

Te quiero card

Hi everyone! Now I'd like to show you one of my recently created cards- which is  kind of a Valentine card)

In a couple of days I'm going away from Russia to live, study, paint, create and enjoy a new life in my favorite country - sunny and friendly Spain, that's why most of my works from now on will be created for Spanish / English speaking public, although as I have a deal with Sobiratelzvezd I'm going to keep on creating magical cards for sale in his online shope which will surely be in Russian). Anyway, this was just to share my happiness with you) Dreams come true, you know) Just keep on believing and at the most unexpected moment miracle will knock on your door. 

Happiness and love to all of you!