Saturday 12 March 2011

Perdoname / Прости меня / I'm sorry

Buenos días a todos! 

Por favor no piense que estoy reñido con alguien, no, al contrario, hoy como siempre y ya más que nunca estoy en paz y harmonía con el mundo, con mis amigos y con mi misma. Hice esta tarjeta porque tenía ganas de usar la imagen de esa vaca con cara arrepentida, que parece mucho al gato de Shrek=)

Espero que tengaís un día maravilloso!

Hasta luego!

 Прекрасного субботнего дня всем!

И вовсе я ни перед кем не провинилась, и ни с кем не поссорилась, нет, просто уже давненько хотела использовать в работе отрисовочку этой очаровательной коровки, с раскаивающимися глазками как у Шрековского котенка). Увидев Скетч №6 от Омского Скрап-клуба, сразу поняла, что коровкин час настал) Спасибо ОСК!

Thursday 10 March 2011

One fantasy can change a million of realities.

Hi everyone! Yesterday night i was sooo tired and was about to go to bed, when suddenly I felt an inflow of some secret energy and without a second thought straightened my wings  and started to create. Never run out of inspiracion but at 05am sleep finally covered me.

So, things are going well and I'm happy to share it with the world! My friend sold 15 cards from my collection in less than 2 days within the frames of his "Magical project" and I've got some new orders now. Isn's that fantastic?! All the comments and messages that I received from the cards-owners made me feel soooo great and you know why? Because I succedeed in achieving the main and most important mission- made people feel great, positive and optimistic!

A better life is...

...when we expect little,
attempt big,
do more,
need less,
smile often.
laugh a lot,
and believe always !

Nale Donald Walsch