Thursday 3 March 2011

Para mi querida madre / For my dear mom / Любимой мамочке

Hi everyone!
Happy to find some free time finally which I undoubtedly dedicated to my fav pastime- CREATING! 

In my country 8th of March is an International women's day and it is a bank holiday when everyone has a day off! Here no, hahahaha, and it turned out that although this day is called international, in Spain, for example, not everyone knows about its existence. Surely because all have to go to work, normal!)

I made this card for my mom, whom I love with all my heart and soul, whom I miss a lot too, but, hey, thanks to a genious who created Skype, it feels as if there're no thousands of miles between us!

Challenge # 19 from RRR. Thank you guys for the inspiration!

A few words about the card: As you probably have already noticed, I don't like to make ordinary cards; simple things that we come across every single day can inspire me and further find a second life in one of my works. So, here you can find lots of cut outs from different magazines, which looks really nice after a touch of some glitter glue; in the inside I put an image of an orange from a magazine that I cut out at work (ex-work, as I just love how it sounds!) last year, and a piece of a paper-roll distressed and stamped on. Doesn't it look fab?

Also, you can see my hand-made stamp "blot"  in use here. How I made it you can read here.

And, one more thing, this card, just like many others, was created at the base of a used envelope!
Haven't I told you I love to recycle? Well, now you know)

Thank you for visiting. Have a super day! Bye!