Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Trying your destiny...or art journal SODAlicious nº23

Hi guys!

I´m so glad I´ve discovered your blog with so super mega cool art-journal challenges!!!!Thanks a lot for your inspiration! With this entrance I´d like to welcome all of you and tell you once again that I´m happy to be with you=) Hope you don´t mind, do you?=))

So, let´s go: in the art-journal challenge nº23 we had to get inspired by the word "DESTINY".... . 

In my work I wanted to reflect my own feelings about the things that happen in our life and which we don´t always want to take for granted. I´m a very impatient person and want things to happen fast, I hate waiting... but in the majority of casas patience is a key to happiness and inner harmony, that´s why I painted a person who is desperately waiting to find an answer to the question "what is next? what is waiting for me there?", walls as obstacles, a star as a symbol of dreams and a quote "If God brings you to it, it will bring you through it."

I hope you like it!=)

Hugs & Kisses