Saturday, 22 February 2014

Documented Life Project (DLP): Week 1, 3, 4, and 7....catching up=)

Hi there!

I´m very happy that I have found this super mega wonderful Documented Life Project. Joined it and started to created with the girls, who are just amazing, so talented, free at expressing themselves and just so coool! I adore creative people. They motivate, inspire and let you know that you should go on...because there are so many people who unerstand you and share your love and obsession for the same things:-) I hope and looking forward to make new friends, participating in this project, so you´re free to join my blog and leave a link to yours=).

I watched the video-tutorial of Lorraine Bell about the moleskine planner and LOVED it! Thank you so much, Lorraine, you´re a genious! 

I should say that I am NOT following all the tips and advices of the project, first of all because at the moment when I found this project I already had my Unipapel (a 100% copy of Moleskine, guess it´s a spanish version)  planner bought and started, BUT not as a a diary! I have a very bad memory and decided to put down the things that happen to me because I´d love to open my diary some years later and rememeber the moments that I´ve lived through. Especially this year (and the years to come) when we´re living lots of important, touching and exciting moments of our life... . 

Also I discovered that recently lots of blogs are offering Project Life challenges. First I wanted to buy me all this stuff like an album with plastic pockets, cards...but then I changed my mind, cause I´ve never liked these scrapbooking albums with plastic protectors, for me they are sooooo cold, formal, and little creative. And with Project Life album was going to happen the same. So why waste money that you don´t have?). Just one thing I really liked- the idea about the cards, so I downloaded some free kits, printed them out and decided to use them in my works the way I want. 

I do not use original washe-tape. You know why?- I don´t like to spend money on something that I think I can do myself. More over, I don´t like to have the same things as others, I like to invent and create my own stuff! And as I was attaching paper to my diary in the same way as the girls, I used my washi-tape version=). Washi-tape made with 2-side adhesive tape and a gift wrapping paper:
So, my version of the Moleskine planner is actually a diary  (98%), where I write all that I feel, think and want to document...accompanied by some pictures (my Project Life style:-)), memorabilia, and a little weekly planner which I use mostly as another way of documenting the events that are happening in my life. 

That´s why I don´t go so creative and free as I do in my art-journals, because my art in this particular project is defined by the events, feeling and thoughts that are described in my diary...! Well, that´s not very well said, because I do go creative, the only difference is that creating here I usually have an idea of what I´d like to do, what color to use, what shape to cut, e t.c.

Ok, let me show you now how I´m catching up with the project:-) 

Week one
(I made a sketch of my front door)
 "the door" actually opens and appears an image of two cartoon creatures flying with umbrella.
That´s my interpretation of .... (can´t say more, sorry).
And this is how the whole layout looks:
This is my husband in the picture the day of his birthday opening a present=).

Week three
This is what you see when open my diary- the very first page=)
And I put in Russian "Who said that I should start in the january? I decided to do it NOW!"
By the way, my diary begins in the december of 2013.
Week four
(secret message)
I couldn´t leave just ONE word without paint, so I left three:-)

Week seven
(shape, repeat)
 Well, in my diary I was writing about our day with my husband, the day when we started to date 3 years ago. By the way, I don´t know why but for me this day, 27th of march, is more important and significant than the day of our wedding, 21 of april. Maybe because the most important was to find each other?! The rest was evident...=)
So this page I wanted to dedicate to OUR day. I had love inches made symbolizing "our date" and a cupid´s arrow made with a wooden stick and some felt, which without doubt fits perfectly here=). 
And the shape which I repeated was a rectangle, the shape of the inches. I used my washi-tape, which I cut into rectangles and glued there.  Didn´t want to overload this romantic layout, for me it looks complete this way!
Ok, now it´s time to look what new challenge we have for this week and go on catching up with the rest of the weeks=).
Thank you guys for visiting my blog!
I´m very happy I´ve found this project!!!
Wish to everyone to enjoy the Sunday!!!
Hugs and Kisses from Spain=)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love your pages and your washi tape.

    1. Paula, thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  2. Wow, Ksenia, I love what you're doing with your book. Why not a diary? That's ingenious! It's very creative and if you don't mind, you may see your handmade washi tape in my planner as well.