Thursday, 20 February 2014

Are you awake?

Hi there!

Sometimes in the past I felt like I was a weird creature...
I felt that I didn´t belong to the world I was living in, that I was surrounded by wrong people with the aims and dreams very different from mine.
Did that happen to you once?
That stopped happening to me when I went to study abroad in the country of my dreams and met there my husband. I moved to Spain, got married and now I feel that I BELONG here, I AM surrounded by the people I like, I do the things I REALLY LIKE to do, I enjoy every moment of our happy life...
Then I realized that all that time in the past I wasn´t weird, I just was comparison with all the rest that were around...they were asleep...

And you? Are you asleep o awake?
Thanx to the SODAlicious art journal challenge №45 "awakening". It was fun playing with you, guys, in my journal!
Hugs & Kisses

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