Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kraft Craft stART: fruits of my work=)

Ok, the project Kraft Craft stART has finished.
Thank you, Masha, it was lots of fun!
Let´s have a quick look at the fruit of my work=)

During all the project we had to fulfill two constant requierments:
- use ONLY kraft-paper
-use ONLY black&white photos/images
Every stage has its own conditions as well.

a bit of blue, a bit of read, a bit of white and a little thread...
only stamps
nothing but stencils...
use just ONE shape and something sparkling
I chose circles...
here we had to use random numbers and letters


  1. Как классно, очень жизнеутверждающе!

  2. Отличный результат долгих трудов, не правда ли? Или не трудов вовсе?)))))))
    Спасибо, Ксюш, за работы и улыбки!